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Premium TuffLock Pet Products

We have been manufacturing the finest pet products since 1977.
Everything is made in the USA with over 100 different patterns and counting.
Lifetime guarantee.
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About Premium TuffLock

Dog Collars and Cat Collars

Our Story

When it comes to finding some practical, everyday bling for your pets, Premium TuffLock is the place to get it. Whether you’ve got a high-maintenance pedigree or a street-smart pal with an interesting lineage, keeping your dog and/or cat safe requires top quality collars, harnesses and leashes. Premium TuffLock has all three. Our focus is creating products that are all about pet comfort, perfect fit, adjustable sizing, world-class quality and attention to detail. We know how to make the best pet-ware products in America, we have been doing it since 1977.

We do what we do best, because we are specialists in what we do. Premium TuffLock creates a variety of dog collars, dog leashes, dog harnesses, cat collars and cat harnesses. Nothing more. Nothing less.


All of our products have a lifetime guarantee. Even if they are chewed in half by on overabundance of enthusiasm. That’s how much we believe in our products. They are hand sewn and made from tough, high quality nylon. Because every one of our dog and cat collars, harnesses and leashes are completely, and proudly, made in California we can ensure the highest quality in each item, both in composition and construction.

Our products allow you to keep your dogs, cats and pets safe in two ways; identification and control. It almost goes without saying that ID tags need a collar as does a leash. The collars come with a split ring to carry those all-important ID-tags.

Premium Tufflock products give you easy control of your pets. Control that is also comfortable for both of you as they are fully adjustable and are available in sizes from Small to Extra Large. Contoured buckles, sturdy yet comfortable webbing, and hardware that not only has ‘catwalk’ appeal but will also endure wear, weather and rough play is what makes our products the most desired personal pet-ware on the continent.

Style and Sizes

Our collars, which come in six fully adjustable sizes, have either our original Tufflock plastic or metal buckles and come in such a wide variety of colors and designs that your pets would have no trouble keeping up with the Kardashians! Selection has well over 100 styles and patterns to satisfy the heart of the most fashion conscious pet; solid colors, checks, modern and classic patterns and, for the ultimate style sentient pet. Moreover there are designs for every season, Christmas and even Halloween.

The best looking pets are those that can strut their stuff on walks with their humans. Our products are so well designed that you can either have perfectly color coordinated collars, harnesses and leashes or have fun mixing and matching – whatever suits your pets’ personality.

Is your pooch a bit naughty? We also handcraft partial chokers and behaviour control leads – the most humane way to exert your leadership and pack control.

Multiple leash and harness sizes – whether Step-in or H configuration harnesses for your dog or Figure 8 or H configuration harnesses for your Cat – give you full control of your pets, as well as giving the pet the feeling of extreme comfort and safety beyond the walls of your home. Our 2’ length, 1” width dog leash is perfect for training exercises or weaving through heavy downtown traffic. If you have more than one pet, then our dual dog leashes are the perfect solution. They come with a Swivel Coupler making ‘walkies’ one of the best time of the day.